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I forgot how busy the Spring and Summer time months can be on a farm. Yesterday, our day consisted of butchering and processing some of the meat birds we have raised, picking beans and cucumbers from the garden, making pickles, canning the green beans, making yogurt and cheese and somehow, Emma and I found time for the pool and reading! It should be no surprise that we get up early and go to bed late!

We have been eating lots of very yummy hot peppers and our tomatoes are delicious so far! The green beans are amazing. Emma ate tons of them last night. Thanks to my husband, I am now addicted to all the yummy hot peppers he is growing. My breakfast is now an egg white omelet with a variety of peppers, onions, greens and tomatoes form our own garden. Then I top it off with some homemade salsa with Don’s habanero sauce. Delicious! It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that I can make meals for my family with the ingredients being 100% form our own farm.

We decided to raise our own meat birds (Cornish Cross) and processed some of them last night. The only part that continues to be very difficult for Don and I is the killing part. Luckily, my husband does that part while I hide inside until he is done. We do it as humanely as possible, and I know that if we are going to eat meat, this is the only way to do it. I told Don last night that if I had to do the killing part, I would just be vegetarian again!

Emma got our her loom the other day and decided to make her first potholder. Here she is!


And then she decided that my hair needed to be prettier:



We have lots of fun together!


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Last year Emma and I found a beautiful bi-color tomato in the garden that had the most amazing sweet/tangy flavor! The only thing is…. I have NEVER planted a bi-color!!
This was some sort of genetic fluke and we had no idea what plant it came off of.
I saved a few seeds from it and shared it with people from all over the world so we could grow out every single seed and see if we could duplicate it.

I told Emma that if we could stabilize it I would name it after her.

Well, here is “Emma Kathryn”, almost TWO pounds!!


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Well, we have been super busy, as always, during the spring and summer months. Super busy in the gardens, and trying to have some fun since Emma and I finished her school work in May. We have been doing lots of fun things, including a trip to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun, paid for almost entirely by the company I work for! I love that place. We also have a trip to Florida planned this August, and it will be our first family vacation together.

Here are some pictures of our summer so far.

We grew some amazing beets this year and made pickled beets with all of them. YUMMY!!!!! Tonight we are harvesting peas, garlic, carrots, cabbage and broccoli. Lots of goodies to store in the freezer! And we are making saur kraut – can’t wait.

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I got about 1/2 an acre roto tilled, planted TONS of plants, and even had time to roast a goat! 🙂

Wild Blue Phlox from our field and forest… we have TONS of it, and you should smell it!! Smells like lilac!

Our newest garden!!

Some of the garlic in our “kitchen” garden.


The trade off with Emma was, that if we can eat her goat she get’s a pet gecko…..
Meet “Thunderbolt”

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OUCH !!!!!!!!!!!

C’mon SERIOUSLY…. how does a normal hen lay THIS and still walk upright!?!?!?!? This is not joke, I found this in the barn yesterday!

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It is a great feeling knowing we can go out on our property and gather any number of wild edibles!
Kim makes an AMAZING soup from the dreaded stinging nettle plant.

I also harvested wild garlic, and some turkey 🙂
I am not one of those hunters that cherishes the actual kill. In fact it still makes me feel bad. BUT… knowing that our food lived wild, un-caged, and pharmaceutical free certainly makes me feel better. Besides, then I am not supporting the cruelty that goes into mass produced meat. And the flavor of wild turkey breast leaves store bought turkey in the dust!!




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No Moss growin’ on the Pratt family!

Sometimes I look back at what we cram into our days and it makes me tired just thinking about it.

Kim got a new milking doe (Tinkerbell) I could take or leave goats, but “Tink” is really cute. It doesn’t hurt that she has a crush on me and follows me around like a lost puppy.



We are also putting in a new 1/2 acre garden, and the first year is always the hardest because you have to deal with whatever is already growing there. The peas are up, garlic is HUGE, all the salad green, and spinach are doing great. Potatoes have been planted, cabbage is up, onions are up, beets are “beetin” and all of my tomatoes and peppers are a foot tall indoors waiting for warmer weather. Below are some of my peppers. (no that’s not a new fertilizer, that is a HUGE bottle for size comparison.
The beginning of the new garden.

As if that was not enough, Kim and Emma are painting Emmas bedroom.

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